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Brooches and Pins – Ways to Use Them Other Than As Jewelry

by September 21, 2016 Fashion

Lay out your chosen goodies along with your collected brooches and see how they can work together in style and color coordination.
On handbags: Have a handbag that could use some dressing up? Pin on a brooch for a customized statement. A wire Christmas ornament hanger can be easily used by threading it between the pin back and the brooch itself.

On scarves and shawls: Not a new idea, but a fancy brooch pinning a scarf to a coat on the lapel is prettier than a safety pin onside the collar. It will also prevent your losing the scarf.

On tote bags: Why not use a pine to close the top of a tote bag? This is a security option as well – open tote bags are easy marks for pickpockets.

Be sure to include your stored Christmas decorations and other holiday home goods. You will be surprised at how many objects you have around your house that will be enhanced with a splash of rhinestone sparkle.

Do you wear hats? Felt hats as well as knitted hats are an ideal spot on which to add a stylish embellishment, and they are a bros jilbab fun place to add a bit of silliness if you wish to make a humorous statement.

Christmas tree ornaments: If the pin or brooch is not too heavy for the branch, why not position rhinestone brooches in such a way that the lights on the tree reflect their light into the room.