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How To Expel Mosquito Extreme

by September 20, 2016 Health


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Mosquitoes are small animals that look weak because it is not as strong as other animals. Even bite is also not hurt. But the effects of the mosquito bite that becomes very dangerous because it can cause dengue fever. If patients do not get immediate medical treatment, as a result could lead to death.

Various ways have been undertaken Indonesian people to repel mosquitoes. From start to use repellents, wear insect repellent spray, electric mosquito coils, electric racket until the most extreme way by using herbal plant that is widely available around our house.

How extreme eradicate this mosquito actually has long been abandoned. But it never hurts I discuss here to add to our knowledge together. You can use this method when an emergency such as mosquito repellent when you have suddenly gone.

Here’s how to eliminate mosquito extreme that I summarized from various sources:

  1. Dissolve a few grains of vitamin C and B2 in warm water. After that, apply the solution over our skin. The aroma will be able to make mosquitoes afraid of approaching.

  1. Hang the onions under the lights the room. Unfortunately not only mosquitoes who does not love the smell of onions, including your own. So I recommend to wear a special protective mask if it does not want the smell of onions.

  1. Replace the orange curtains in the room. The reflection of light from an orange curtain hated mosquitoes. You can also install a lamp that has orange light directly.

  1. Planting some garlic in a small Vase. Put the pot in a living room or bedroom. The aroma of garlic can repel mosquitoes.

  1. Place the jasmine flowers, roses or milan in the room. The aroma of the flowers can also make mosquitoes afraid of approaching.