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How Much Fish Oil Should I Take For the Maximum Health Benefits?

by September 8, 2016 children

The question of how much fish oil should I one I often get asked! You should be aware of, and take a few simple steps to ensure you get the right dose and maximum impact.

Little boy eating a hamburger

Little boy eating a hamburger

The purity of an oil is extremely important.

It must come from renewable sources and from pristine waters such as those in Alaska and New Zealand, and fish with high omega-3 levels as Hoki and tuna. Pharmaceutical grade and molecularly distilled supplements means remove all impurities such as mercury and other heavy metals.

As you can see, the question of how much fish oil should I depend on many factors! Many people complain about fishy burps and bad smells and it’s purely down to poor quality capsules using stale oils put up with an extra addition to protect the odor.

Next you the most DHA omega-3 like you can show as opposed to EPA as recent studies that it be more beneficial. You must be able to clearly see the figures on the website or label. If not, avoid the product.

The supplement I includes twice daily 1000mg total oil, with 28% of DHA and 12% EPA, which is the highest I’ve seen to date, and does not guarantee fishy burps! You will have to take much more lower quality capsules just to get this amount!

With one of the top research universities scientists say that using more omega-3 fats from fish is probably the single most important dietary change that most people could ever make to improve their health, it just shows how important it is to Finding the right one.

With high quality oil no adverse side effects, and keep in mind that the expensive brand is not necessarily the best value for money. I have a few smooth seen very expensive products with very little DHA content!

Now you know the answer to how much fish oil should I take, why not take action and add a quality omega-3 supplement to your diet, and start enjoying the many health benefits that come with it.

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