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How to remove acne on his back with a cucumber:

by August 11, 2016 Beauty, Health, Tips
  • Fresh cucumber puree as needed along with the skins and seeds
  • Make sure your back in a clean state
  • Next apply subtlety earlier cucumber evenly throughout the back
  • Let stand until dry and stiff. After that, rinse with cold water until clean.
  1. Aspirin

Do you know the aspirin? Yes, this is a fever-lowering drugs. It turned out that besides being able to lower the fever aspirin also can treat stubborn acne, you know, be it acne on the face or back.

how to get rid of acne naturally backs

Some studies even prove aspirin possess potent anti-inflammatory that can reduce pain due to inflammation.

Getting rid of back acne with aspirin:

  • Puree aspirin as needed, for example, 10 points
  • Mix with a little water to form a dough-like paste
  • Apply evenly to the back area that have acne
  • Let stand for about 30 menitan, then rinse with warm water until clean.
  1. The egg white

The egg white contains animal protein and minerals efficacious complete enough to tighten facial skin . But apart from that it turned out he was also enriched with anti-bacterial that can cope with back acne.

You can use egg whites as a mask after each shower to get the best results.How to make? Follow below.

  • Prepare the fruit, eggs, chicken or duck can
  • Remove the yolks. Then whisk the egg whites until little bubbles
  • Immediately apply the egg whites evenly to the back acne
  • Let stand for approximately one hour in order to sew. After that, rinse with warm water until clean.
  1. Keep the skin

Keeping the skin clean is obligatory for you who have back acne. Haste shower after activities that cause a lot of sweat.

Make sure you use a soap that suits your skin type. Experts highly recommend the body soap that contains anti-bacterial that back acne may soon disappear.

But if not allowed to shower, at least not use products containing salicylic acid to help refresh the skin and dissolve excess oil.

  1. Perform skin care well

Many people who do not know how to treat skin properly. This is what triggers they have a variety of skin problems such as skin fungus, acne, warts, boils, dompo (herpes), and so forth.

Do not let your precious skin exposed to these dangerous diseases. Read more about how to care for skin properly which I’ve previously reviewed.

Actions that Can Worsen Acne

There are several actions that could aggravate the condition jerawatmu, such as:

  • squeeze pimples

Never try to clear up acne by pop or squeeze it. Without sufficient knowledge, this is precisely the kind of action will lead to the appearance of acne scars permanently .

  • Too often clean the area is spotty

Skin hygiene is good. However, if too frequent cleaning is also not good. This can cause the skin more easily sensitive and exposed to irritants.

  • Using the water is too hot and too cold

Better use of water with moderate to warm temperatures while bathing. Using water that is too hot or too cold actually worsen your acne condition naturally.

The emergence of back acne can also be triggered because someone applying an unhealthy lifestyle. For example, as often staying up late, smoking, drinking alcohol, and so on. Therefore, in addition to applying the tips above you should also implement a healthy way of life that is true forĀ optimal results.

How easy is it? That’s some way to eliminate back acne that you can try. Please select one of the only natural ingredients which do you think most easy to use.Do not forget to share the results kolom comment yes. Good luck.