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Games for Children 1 Year

by August 3, 2016 children

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1. Music with pot. Develop a sense of rhythm and coordination
What do you need? kitchen items boring. lightweight pot, cover, hard plastic container and a wooden spoon works very well.
How to play? Make music with your child. Invite him to make sounds with different elements you can use a wooden spoon and pot battery thigh. If they are a little bigger can mimic the sounds you make, as a “big monkey” music.

2. Fly Baby. Develop a sense of balance
What do you need? There is no.
How to play? firmly take your baby in your arms and do a “fly” your stomach down. You can upload, download, closer to the objects and people; just make sure you never made this game after a meal or with children who are very young because movement can make them sick. If you have never done this game taking part is easy and very slow. You know your baby and know how much movement is right for him.

3. Break the bubble. develop coordination
What do you need? bubble
How to play? Sitting in front of your daughter and blowing bubbles near your face. You’ll see how he tries to touch them with your own hands. If your child is already running: Let him stand up and shoot bubbles everywhere for him to follow and break them with your hands.

4. Magic Carpet. Develop your balance
What do you need? A rug, blanket or large cloth fabric an open book with a soft or slippery floor space (does not work on a carpeted floor). Move furniture to have a larger and more secure “track”.
How to play? small sitting on the carpet (or fabric), put a pad on his back, took a corner, and move gently on the ground. -children small vehicle like this a “magic carpet” where you will also help develop stability. If your child is not stable when sitting, then you can just lay him on the carpet.
5. spider mites. Develop fine motor skills
What do you need? There is no.
How to play? Sing spider song araƱita, put your hands together, and make the thumb of one hand touching the tip of the index finger of the other fingers (palms in the opposite direction), then touch the forefinger of your other thumb other hand, and so he went to exchange simulation stairs. small try to mimic this movement with your fingers as you sing.
Spider spider climb stairs
Spider mites, climb stairs
And bam! He fell. And bam! he fell
He came and ate frogs …
songs of other children

6. manitos. Develop an awareness of your body
What do you need? There is no.
How to play? Sang “little hands” following “signs” of the song, moving his hand in the first round and hide their say “and go”, “and go”. They will learn parts of the body and also stimulate their language.
small arms, small hands where they
here they are
they greet you, they greet you
and they went
and they went
7. Frozen. Develop your ability to listen and relate.
What do you need? A radio.
How to play? Bring your baby in your arms and dance with the music, then stop the song and stopped moving. Put back the music, dance, pause, and stop moving. Slowly the baby will understand the game and will make the connection that each time your music will stop dancing. This is a great exercise for parents also to entertain your children will have a cardio class Mini.
8. The road barriers. Develop balance and gross motor skills
What do you need? Cushions, pillows, soft elements
How to play? Create barriers with sleeve bearings and then take your child (this game is for children who already know how to walk) and helped him to move from one side of the street. You can jump pads or simply upload their little feet and stand on them. This activity will help develop leg muscles and improve your balance.
9. Mirror mirror on the wall. Develop an awareness of your body
What do you need? mirror
How to play? Placing a small front mirror and see how he reacts confronted with his own image; gradually he will understand that “man” is the mirror itself. Hugged her and left a variety of mirror and then back to the mirror to see how he comes and goes. You can also create different types of face as a happy face, an angry face, sad face, etc., or navigate to their body parts as you say their names. “This is your feet,” “This is your eyes” “This is your hands”
10. Throw ball
What do you need? A soft ball
How to play? Sitting in front of your daughter and pushed the ball toward him, so he pushes or pulls the ball toward you. Babies can pick up the ball, feel the texture, pushing and kicking, taking into account that a small very curious and do any kind of exploration is profitable, so if your child spends more time playing ball with the push you need not worry. Give your time and see how slowly understand the game.